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RaeLynn to make her Grand Ole Opry Debut on Sept 26!
Written by: Amanda • August 20, 2014 • No Comments

RaeLynn is honored and excited to announce that she will step into the circle for the first time and make her Grand Ole Opry debut on Friday, September 26th. To purchase tickets, please head to Opry.com

Want a chance to not only win tickets, but also MEET RaeLynn backstage? Check out the Grand Ole Opry’s Facebook Campaign here.

See you on September 26th!

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Country artist RaeLynn to perform at Fort Benning
Written by: Amanda • August 19, 2014 • No Comments

By Aniesa Holmes – Bayonet & Saber

Country singer-songwriter RaeLynn will be one of the special guest acts for the Benning Bash, a concert event featuring headliner Kool & The Gang Sept. 13 on York Field.

Since her appearance as a contestant on Season 2 of NBC’s The Voice, the 20-year-old Baytown, Texas, native has been busy working on her debut album and just released her first single, “God Made Girls,” which she co-wrote. RaeLynn said she is excited to be perform her original music and a few cover hits for the Fort Benning community.

“I was excited about it because my brother was in the military,” she said. “I just want to say thank you for what you’re doing and fighting for the freedom we have today. I’m really excited to perform and it really warms my heart.”

With musical influences that range from gospel singers to Dolly Parton and Destiny’s Child, RaeLynn said her album is the perfect reflection of her life.

“It’s very real, there’s not a song on my record that isn’t me, and every song that I put on my record is about something I’ve been through – that’s something I’m very proud of,” she said. “I believe music heals and music gets you through things, whether it’s hard times or good times.”

Read more.

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RaeLynn Performs ‘God Made Girls’ for Taste of Country
Written by: Amanda • August 15, 2014 • No Comments

By Billy Dukes (Taste of Country)

RaeLynn stopped by the Taste of Country offices to perform her new single ‘God Made Girls’ this week. The country firecracker sang an emotional version of the song over a simple acoustic guitar, which we caught on tape to share with you. Watch the video here.

Fans agree that the Texan is a much stronger vocalist now than when she finished her time on ‘The Voice’ in 2012. ‘God Made Girls’ is from her debut album, which is expected in late 2014 or in 2015.

Always a engaging performer, the 20-year-old plays right to viewers at home or work in this three-minute-long clip. After her time on the NBC series, she hit the road with Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies. They took her under their collective wing and helped shape her into the well-rounded artist she is today. Fans are loving ‘God Made Girls,’ as well as the official music video , which was just released last week.

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RaeLynn Covers Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’
Written by: Amanda • August 15, 2014 • No Comments

By Maggie Malach (PopCrush)

There’s a reason ‘The Voice‘ fans connected with country singer RaeLynn. The season 2 contestant, who competed on Blake Shelton‘s team, is cheerful, charming, ultra-talented and downright hilarious. One other thing we adore about her? Her ability to empower women.

Although RaeLynn is known for her catchy country single ‘God Made Girls,’ she opted to perform a surprise track for the PopCrush staff — a cover of Meghan Trainor‘s ‘All About That Bass.’ Bonus: Meghan happens to be a good friend of RaeLynn’s!

“I’ve written with her a couple of times in Nashville. She is such an amazing person and really good friend,” RaeLynn explained to PopCrush. “We haven’t got to hang out a lot because she’s been so busy with writing and I’ve been so busy … but we always make time to text each other and check on each other and we both support each other so much. She played me ‘All About That Bass’ about a year and a half ago – or maybe two years ago – and I was like, ‘Girl, this song is so amazing. Like, this is going to blow up and be huge one day. This is an amazing message, so good.’ And then a year later she get’s signed to [L.A. Reid’s label] and then a year later she has the No.1 song on iTunes!”

With an infinite list of cover songs from which to choose, we couldn’t resist asking RaeLynn why she picked ‘All About That Bass.’

“I’m all about girl empowerment and … I hate the whole bullying thing right now,” RaeLynn said. “I’m all about keeping it – girls need to be sweet to other girls. Like, we don’t need to judge each other. We all need to love each other. To each their own, everybody’s different. I just love the message of this song, and I have a song called ‘God Made Girls,’ and I just love that she has another girl empowerment song.”

And we love RaeLynn’s positive message to other women! Check out her incredible acoustic cover of ‘All About That Bass’ here.

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RaeLynn Talks Girl Power and Unicorn Onesies
Written by: Amanda • August 15, 2014 • No Comments

By Tina Xu (Fuse TV)

After lighting up the second season of The Voice on Team Blake, country singer RaeLynn has been shooting up the charts with her debut single “God Made Girls,” a feel-good girl power anthem. With lines like, “He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud / But tough enough to break a heart / Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark / So God made girls,” it’s no wonder the Texas native has her female fans’ full support.

“They love it so much,” she told Trending 10 host Katie Van Buren. “Any time I sing it live, they put their cup up—they’re just loving it because, you know, we like being girls in this world.” Having penned the song in the midst of discussing all the things that boys couldn’t do without girls, the 20-year-old joked that she might record a remix for the fellas. “One of my guy friends texted me, and he goes, ‘When are you gonna make the remix ‘God Made Boys’?!’”

RaeLynn also chatted about her love for unicorns, her spirit animal. After discovering the singer’s August 4 tweet announcing that she’ll wear a unicorn onesie after reaching 100,000 followers, the T10 crew decided to help her out by gifting her a unicorn horn. Strapping on the accessory, RaeLynn—who currently sits at 98.9K followers—gave fans a preview of what will inevitably be a hilarious Instagram upload.

Watch the interview here.

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RaeLynn’s Having an ‘Awesome’ Time Promoting ‘GMG’
Written by: Amanda • August 13, 2014 • No Comments

By Coti Howell – Taste of Country

Former ‘The Voice’ contestant RaeLynn has been pretty busy lately. The 20-year-old has been promoting her debut single ‘God Made Girls’ while on a radio tour, an experience she says has been, well, “awesome.”

“It’s been going really good, you know we just finished up our tenth week of radio tour,” she tells Taste of Country. “You know, getting the word out there about ‘God Made Girls’ and it finally just went to radio not that long ago, and it’s on the chart — that’s crazy to me.”

Not only is RaeLynn on the charts, but she’s climbing them. Adds the singer, “it’s crazy to see my name on the charts, it’s been awesome.”

Was putting this song out as her very first single a difficult choice? Not for RaeLynn and her team — this one stood out among the rest (and there are a lot). “I’ve written over 70 songs, so it was kind of hard to pick what we were going to send to radio,” she explains. “We narrowed it down to four and I think it definitely stood out as the first single — we wanted to go out with a girl empowerment song.”

Read More: Taste of Country

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RaeLynn Releases ‘God Made Girls’ Music Video
Written by: Amanda • August 9, 2014 • No Comments

By CountryMusicIsLove

Ambitious newcomer RAELYNN celebrates why “God Made Girls” in the brand new music video for her debut single, which premiered exclusively on VEVO.

Letting her carefree and unique style shine, director TK McKamy shot “soft and loud and sweet and proud” scenes with the Texas firecracker and a few fellow females in Columbia, TN. The whimsical melody and empowering lyrics are amplified through a series of images with women of all ages, including a “younger” RaeLynn, a horse whisperer and ballerina with her real-life daughter.

The fervent 20-year-old penned the tune with hit songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Liz Rose and Lori McKenna, collectively sharing womanly wisdom that spans multiple generations. After catching the eye of renowned producer Joey Moi, it is no wonder that Taste of Country reflected, “‘God Made Girls’ is a female anthem men will celebrate. It’s equal parts tender and tough and 100 percent clever. Fans of every age will find a trio of lyrics to get behind.”

RaeLynn shared the importance of embracing who you are and the message behind “God Made Girls” in a recent interview with The Digital Journal saying, “I wanted something very unique that hasn’t been done in country music. It is very magical, very unique and very me,” she said. “I love fairy tales and all those things, so it’s definitely very whimsical and very different, and I am very excited about it.”

RaeLynn is currently introducing her music to Country stations on a nationwide radio tour and earlier this year spent time as a special guest on select dates for Miranda Lambert’s PLATINUM TOUR.

Watch the “God Made Girls” music video here.

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RaeLynn talks new single ‘God Made Girls’ and future plans
Written by: Amanda • August 6, 2014 • No Comments

BY Markos Papadatos
Photo Credit – Susannah Brittany

As Digital Journal reported, her latest single was well-received. She co-wrote it with such songwriters as Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Nicolle Galyon. “I was going to a writing session with Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Nicolle Galyon, and we were all sitting around and bouncing off ideas of what we were going to write that day. We were four girls in a room talking about the things that boys can’t do without girls and we came up with that song,” she said.

Her single has been embraced by the radio airwaves, and it is played on New York’s hit country radio station, Nash FM 94.7, which is an “awesome” feeling for RaeLynn. “That makes me so happy that they are playing it in New York,” she said with excitement.

RaeLynn’s music video for the song will be released tomorrow. “I wanted something very unique that hasn’t been done in country music. It is very magical, very unique and very me,” she said. “I love fairy tales and all those things, so it’s definitely very whimsical and very different, and I am very excited about it.”

Read more: Digital Journal

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RaeLynn Reveals Her Fashion Secrets
Written by: Amanda • August 5, 2014 • No Comments

By Coti Howell (Taste of Country)
Style is in the eye of the beholder … or something like that. One thing is certain is that country newcomer RaeLynn‘s eye is very unique. The 20-year-old pairs feminine with flirty while adding an edge that makes us thankful — wait for it — that ‘God Made Girls.’

Whether she’s at an awards show, posing for selfies on Instagram or just rockin’ a radio tour, this Texas-raised firecracker’s style is sweet and fierce. She sports a lot (and we mean a lot) of skirts that she calls “cupcake style.” Most are floral prints (with floral accessories), and she usually adds some killer cowgirl boots. No, RaeLynn’s not afraid to play with her style, and we love her for it.

The ‘God Made Girls’ hitmaker took a break from her busy radio tour to chat with us about her favorite fashions. See her photo highlights in this week’s brand spankin’ new Taste of Style.

The one-time ‘The Voice’ contestant laughs as she explains her style as ”fun, different, vibrant — out of control, maybe?” RaeLynn does have a few signature styles — “It’s definitely feminine / edgy, you know. I love girlie skirts. I love really busy prints. I like strapless stuff. I like the whole cupcake outfit — cupcake style,” she says.

Click here for the full story.

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RaeLynn Reveals New Tattoo
Written by: Amanda • August 4, 2014 • No Comments

Photo credit – Susannah Brittany

By Tammy Ragusa
She looks about as sweet as cotton candy and she sings like a bird, too. Heck, in RaeLynn’s single “God Made Girls,” she even sings about flirting in a pretty skirt, but make no mistake, she’s one tough cookie. And she proved it when she got her first tattoo—much to her mother’s chagrin.

The country newcomer explains, “So, I’ve been preparing my mom for this tattoo for a while. I told my mom, ‘I want you to go with me to get the tattoo.’” But mom wasn’t sold on the idea.

Read more at Country Weekly

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